Consider for three: Use a vibrator on your woman

Sex toys are becoming increasingly popular. They no longer have to be hidden in the bedside table. They are even now on the shelves of drug stores. Sex toys are available in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are alone or with your partner, there is something for everyone. You want to know how to use a vibrator on your woman? Here is the basic information for you.

The popularity of sex toys

Vibrators are the most sold sex toy and particularly popular with women. The popularity is easy to explain: they are for sale in different price ranges, versatile and effective. Another advantage is that they are easy to use for their own pleasure, but also during sex with a partner. But what are useful things to watch out for when using a vibrator?

Tip of your nose

Whether a vibrator gives pleasure depends on your own taste and preferences. To make sure that you make the right choice for yourself, there are a few things you can pay attention to when buying. Turn on the vibrator first and hold it against the tip of your nose. The tip of your nose is sensitive and gives a good idea if the intensity of the vibrations suits you. It may seem strange, but it really works. In addition, you can hear which sound the vibrator makes. Is this irritating, too hard or good? Only when you can relax can you really enjoy the stimulation. Secondly, it is important that you look closely at the vibrator. Are you satisfied with the shape, size, and color, how it feels and how it smells? It is a shame when this turns out to be disappointing afterwards.

Safe use


Check the vibrator for damage to the outside before every use. When the vibrator is broken, the vibrator could cause cuts or skin irritation. Safe use also depends on the capabilities of the vibrator. Only when it is explicitly stated on the packaging can the vibrator be used in the bath or in the shower. It is also advisable to check on the packaging whether the vibrator is suitable for anal stimulation. Watching these uses can prevent uncomfortable situations.

To clean

Important when using a vibrator is that it is cleaned before and after use. If you do not, bacteria will thrive, they will smell bad and they can cause inflammation. How you clean the vibrator depends on the material. You have special cleaning sets for cyberskin’s sex toys. Most other materials can be cleaned with alcohol, soap or cleaning agent specially made for sex toys. This cleaning product is for sale in every sex shop.

When you share the toy with someone, cleaning is extra important. Are you unsure whether the vibrator is clean or do you use it during sex with your partner? Use a new condom every time.

Using a vibrator yourself is fun but enjoying a vibrator together is even more fun! Sex with your partner is an intimate moment of you together. Unfortunately, no less than 80% of the women state that they are not ready to go through penetration alone. This does not necessarily mean the end of your sex life. And even if you are fine and want to try something new, experts have the solution for partners who want more: The Koppel Vibrator!

What is a torque vibrator?

A torque vibrator is a vibrator specially designed for couples. A torque vibrator is designed so that both partners can enjoy during sex. In most cases, a torque vibrator stimulates the clitoris. With this, the woman comes to an intense orgasm faster.

The popular We-Vibe

The we-vibe has two ends, one on the clitoris, and one on the G-spot. When this toy is inserted it can be used during sex. The woman enjoys clitoral stimulation and G-spot stimulation while the partner can penetrate her basically a win-win situation. Thanks to the We-Vibe not only the woman enjoys, the man also benefits from the vibration while penetrating.

Lelo Vibrators

In addition to the We-Vibe, there are also plenty of other top brands that have designed a vibrator especially for you and your partner. The lelo brand has vibrators for example during sex. The vibrators from lelo are luxurious vibrators in different designs. The lelo Ida is a silicone torque vibrator that rotates internally to stimulate your G-spot. The round top of the vibrator vibrates on your clitoris and gives your male partner stimulation while penetrating.

You can also choose the lelo, an exciting couple‚Äôs vibrator that can be worn by the man and stimulates the woman’s clitoris while penetrating. A very nice extra to the lelo Vibrators are the special remote controls. These are designed with a special motion technology. The remote control can be operated by a slight movement of your hand or your wrist. There are also models of lelo with a vibrating remote control, so your partner feels the same vibrations.

The Selection XII

In addition to the We-Vibe and LELO vibrators, there are several other vibrators that you can use during sex. The brand Selection XII (12) from the Dutch company Dutch Faun has also designed an exciting toy. The Selection torque vibrator is equipped with two ‘fingers’ that are suitable for multiple purposes. Use it during foreplay, tickle the clitoris or use your imagination.

But there’s more

Of course there are endless possibilities that can stimulate you during the most intimate moments. If you miss clitoral stimulation during sex you can look for a toy that can help you with this. For example, choose a finger vibrator. A finger vibrator is a small vibrator that can be worn as a ring. This allows your partner to stimulate the clitoris during foreplay or during sex.

Your partner does not want a toy during sex

Toys in the bedroom are still taboo for some men. Many men are afraid that they will be replaced by a vibrator. Does your partner get completely nervous about a toy between the sheets? No panic, here are few tips especially for the vibrator.

Talk to your partner about the use of a vibrator and tell him why you would like to use a vibrator.

Take away his fear. Do not let him get the idea that he is not well in bed and let the vibrator be a tool. Your pleasure comes first and a vibrator can help you to reach unprecedented heights together.

Name the plus points. A torque vibrator gives both the woman and the man stimulation. The torque vibrator also gives him a vibrating stimulation which makes for more intense orgasms. Also a very nice side effect, when you wear the torque vibrator you will be closer inside and no man has ever complained about this.

Go together in search of a fine torque vibrator. Just like sex, you can also sort out a pair of vibrators. You must both enjoy. Let him therefore also watch and co-decide in the purchase of a vibrator.

Discover experiment and relax. When you use a torque vibrator for the first time, it is important to relax and especially enjoy! Consult in advance how you will use the vibrator. Enjoy together and go on a discovery trip to the perfect orgasm.